Song of the West

Dazzling fire in a haze of purple-blue brilliance,
a silver dollar hangs in the sky.
In the east, the moon rises
While westward, the sun slips away.
Spirit of the west,
It is your turn to glow
You are the Autumn of the year,
Which is now.
You are evening,
In a glimmering indigo gown
You cloak the world
And sparkle with the first twilit stars,
Crowned by the rising moon.
Your breath ripples across darkened waters
A mysterious mist,
Pulling emotions in your wake.
Your waters cleanse, heal and purify
The soul.
The Otherworld gathers at your shadowy shores,
Peopled with the ancestors
And the spirits of nature.
The ancients looked to you,
An etherial beauty bestowing great power
They sought the talents only you could bestow
Talents of the mind
Of learning, divining, imagining.
A balance, one side among four.

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