Salmon of Knowledge, Revised



In stories that the elders tell
the heroes get all the glory
you know about the salmon and the well
but these tales all fit one category –
the hero remembered for great deeds –
but never the creature for her prowess.
Well, Fionn can have his hero feats
but do not forget the wise salmon goddess.

Though myths recall my hazel wisdom
no songs are sung these days about
my cool and watr’y kingdom
or how a wise – and female – fish could scout
the fairest and bravest of the nation
to grant the world’s vast gathered knowledge –
Am I forgotten and forsaken?

I ask you, so, to make this pledge:
creatures, like heroes, must be respected;
for you cannot know which among us is enchanted.


A poem for NaPoWriMo day 21 in the voice of an arguably minor character from the legend of Fionn mac Cumhaill.


Relative deflection of starlight


not gravity but rippling time-space keeps us here, spinning a blue path through sparkling stars, like Black Cat fireworks lighting infinity with millennia-old shock fire, nothingness stretches thin, coils tightly and returns, its speed relative, meaningless in the expanse of space marked by clock face hands spinning, the expanse of time marked by echoes of ancient beginning



The title for this piece (and the inspiration) was pulled from this article about the 100th anniversary of Einstein’s theory of relativity.



Reblogged: An Open Letter To WordPress

All of this needs to be said. Again. Thank you to Goldfish for saying it for me, though with a little more ire than I might have mustered.

Fish Of Gold


I am loath to write yet another letter to you, since I typically prefer to spend my time writing actual blog posts, but I’ve been bitching on Twitter and in your forums to no avail, so maybe you’ll pay attention to a blog post. It’s not likely, but hey, you never know.

Please, stop. Just put down whatever you’re working on and stop with the futzing. You have been tinkering under my hood long enough and you know what? None of the “improvements” you’ve made are actually improvements.

Below, you will find explanations as to why your improvements aren’t improvements sorted conveniently by feature.

Post Editor

Let’s talk about this “Beep beep boop” post editor nightmare with less than half the functionality of the old editor. Thankfully, you haven’t taken away the old editor yet. However, I fully expect that one day, I will go to write a…

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Temair Reborn

I came before the day had risen, new,
the low green hill lay in silence measured,
its gentle rings still draped with misted arms.

Upon this green, kings have taken up arms
have stood on high and watched as each new
age has eyed their domain with motives measured.

Each blade of grass has been acquired and measured
no one comes here now to spread wide their arms,
to breathe in its ancient magic, to soar a-new.

But I, I stand before you new, reborn, waiting to be measured, to be welcomed into your enchanted arms.



This is my first attempt at writing a tritina. I’m still working on a fuller sestina. It’s a great challenge and I would welcome your constructive criticism as I’m still learning about how to work within these constraints. I’m sure that the issues I had with this piece are reflected in the longer one.

The Oracle


she brings the light of wisdom


for all who seek the truth;

she opens the darkness


so that we may better understand.


Raven, Copyright Silverleaf 2014


Raven 2, Copyright Silverleaf 2014