Yes, I AM Talking About You

I don’t mean to rant. Well, yes, actually I do.

What is with people these days? Where have all their manners gone?

I know I’m not perfect, and there are days when I may be less polite and considerate than I should be.

But most of the time, I behave the way I know I should, with consideration towards my fellow beings. I stop to let cars pull out in front of me. I pick up the groceries that the elderly lady has dropped.

You understand what I mean.

But there are so many people who have somehow not been raised to be polite. Or have forgotten. I am not just talking about your standard inconsiderate teenager. I am actually talking about people slightly (or more) older than me.

Today, for example, I was dropping off clothes at a large thrift store. It is an organized operation, with parking spots off to the side and a uniformed guy who comes to your car and helps you out. I had parked in an appropriate spot, given him my things, got in my car and started to back up. Or tried to. But a steady stream of cars was passing behind me. So, I waited, the tail end of my car hanging out, reverse lights on. What I’m saying is, I was clearly trying to exit my spot.

An older couple (well, older than me), maybe in their early sixties, pulled up right behind me and stopped. Not in a parking spot. They were giving some things in to the thrift shop as well and were so single minded about what they wanted to do, that they failed to notice the rest of the world had a sort of order happening around them.

The man got out of the driver’s side and walked up to the building with his things, leaving the woman sitting in the car. I slowly inched backward, partially thinking I could edge out sideways but mostly just to say, “Hi. I was here, trying to back out, before you parked behind me.”

The woman reached over and honked the horn at me, then wagged her finger.


When her husband finally got back in the car, she pointed at me, made some rude gestures and I guess explained that I tried to back into them.

I don’t believe they didn’t notice what was going on. I just don’t think they cared.

I guess we are all like that sometimes, and maybe it’s ok if you really are in a rush, or really have a good reason. But they clearly were not. I know because I had to follow them out of the parking lot and down the road after.

I see this mindset more and more these days.

As my friend says, “some people’s parents!”

Unfortunately, we live right next to Mr. Rude. Ms. is fine and seems to be pleasant, meek even. But Mr. Rude is rude. We live in the middle of a five-house terrace. Each of the houses has a drywall wall on one side and an exposed brick wall on the other. When you’re that close to each other, you really hope your neighbours are decent, somewhat thoughtful people. It’s not like we live in a detached house where you can really be anonymous and not have any interaction with those around you.

Anyway, I should have known there would be issues when Mr. Rude refused to acknowledge I had spoken to him on the day they moved in. I welcomed him to the neighbourhood and introduced myself. He ignored me.

I found myself next to him in the back garden or out on the shared driveway a few times and said hello. He turned his back and ignored me.

Unfortunately, things escalated. One evening, he knocked on our door and demanded I drop what I was doing (I was in the middle of book time with my son!) to go and see some small and legally-mandated mark our landscapers left when passing through his garden to get to ours.

He also regularly plays his music so loud that we can tell what he is listening to – and once our glass table even shook – but refuses to respond to any of our polite, and slightly less polite, emails asking if he could please turn it down a bit.

Why do people behave this way? Or at least, why do people who are so unpleasant even bother to live somewhere they have to interact with others?

Maybe I care too much about what other people think of me. Maybe I am too nice. But I have been raised to be a person who behaves considerately. And on those days I am less polite than I should be, at least I know it, can own up to it and apologize for it.

Maybe the rude people of the world will continue to be rude with little consequences for their actions; they don’t seem to suffer any fate serious enough to improve their behaviour.

But, rude people out there,  you should know that yes, I am talking about you and I am judging you.

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