Rain two ways

Spring Rains

Along canal lane ways and byways
between quickening lilac bushes and cherry trees
(their coming glory subtle yet,
spring unfurls
sweet and rain-drenched
chasing worms from black soil
heralding fresh greens
coaxing slow-bursting buds
the soft damp
but for the living trail
it spreads in its wake.

Drought Rains

When the rains come
they overwhelm in torrents
dry ochre sands run blood-red
an upwelling from Earth’s heart
their paths etch across the miles
river beds shadow-darken
an unnatural seepage
until finally, flowing
they transform the land
drawing animal forms
up and out and into being
carelessly they cavort at water’s edge
at their feet, a carpet of soft hues
bursts forth
filling the space to the horizon
this celebration of life
is fleeting.

Two rain poems for NaPoWriMo’s day 22 Earth Day prompt.


Rain Dance

Children don’t fear the rain.

“It’s going to rain a lot today!” I call after my son who is in the process of jumping on his bike to head off to school.

“So?” And he’s gone.

I was the same, if I think about it. In galloshes and slicker, I splashed and sloshed and jumped to my heart’s content.

Umbrella overhead, I listened to the beat of a million tiny drums, and danced along.

Playing giant to the stick towns I built in the mud – March’s snow and ice and meltwater was best – I blocked up the streams and watched the great flood.

I waded in lakes up to the tops of my boots, just to see if I could.

I turned my face up to the sky, closed my eyes and, laughing, was refreshed.


If we are not made of sugar what do we fear?

Today, when nothing else would clear the cobwebs, when I need refreshing more than I need to sit still, I, childlike, headed out to the puddles.

I turned my face skyward once more and let the rain wash away all my cares.

Out there, far from grey office and buzzing screen, out there, I stopped thinking and just was.

I was part of Nature.

I was part of Outside.

I was refreshed.



I can’t promise this will be the last one about the rain. I’m inspired!


The rain falls continuously;
At times a drizzle
But mostly an outright downpour.
Mauve clouds collide
Over a blue dusk sky,
In places they glow pink
As though on fire
And everywhere they make patterns –
Battles and fright and gore.
The gods are surely clashing
When all is calm
It seems eerie,
Where have the gods gone
And what have they left behind?


Jewel-green fields, sodden from the constant rain, roll away from my feet. I sink deeper into the mud of the land; silted layers of history and people.

Like a tree, I reach my bare toes into the soil and put down roots.