November magic

For a brief moment, sunrise alights the buildings – fire against purple clouds.

Then all is grey again; muted November.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Levels of Contrast


Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Two levels.

One up, one down.

One starkly white, the other a million rainbow colours.


They eek out a living below, selling what they can; paintings and toy cars made of recycled tin cans and animals of wire and beads.

While above, the comfortable linger over cocktails and the Catch of the Day, enjoying the view of the ocean; care free.

Weekly Photo Challenge: Contrasting Scenes on the Rideau Canal

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Hidden in the woods behind the Bytown Museum is an interesting contrast between past and present. The original stone walls, built along the Rideau Canal in 1827, sit in the shadows, dwarfed by fresh graffiti sprayed across crumbling concrete steps.

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Copyright Silverleaf 2014

This mother duck stood at the edge of the Ottawa Locks (on the Rideau Canal) today, protectively concealing her tiny yellow duckling. The delicacy of this tableau contrasted with the hustle and bustle of boats moving up and down the locks and the many tourists who had stopped to watch them.

Twist on the Rocks

Roads twist here and there, around bays and mountains, always something unexpected hidden around the corner.

The unassuming exterior to the Hout Bay Sunday Market, a hidden gem

The unassuming tented exterior of the Hout Bay Sunday Market, a hidden gem at the far, outer reaches of Hout Bay,              South Africa

Overlooking Hout Bay from Chapman's Peak, on the way to the Sunday Market

Overlooking Hout Bay from Chapman’s Peak, along the twisting road