The Other Jane

Longing for animals and darkest jungles
from an English garden
while bombers scattered to the skies
dreaming of more
when girls could only hope for less
she saw a place for herself
where animals triumphed
and found home in the fragrance
of the silent, teeming wilderness.

But the world moves on – and on
and more than loved ones are lost.
Now the wise warrior
tramping well-worn globe trails
petitions the world to change
day after day after bone-aching day
and in her path, hope still germinates.


I went to hear Jane Goodall speak last night and was struck, not just by her hope in the face of global hopelessness, not just by the untiring effort of this clearly tired lady, but by the losses she seems to be trying to outrun, to outpace, in the race to save us from ourselves, to make a difference.

And the title? She told the story of first reading Tarzan as a small child, already knowing she wanted to take off to live with animals in the wild, and be dismayed that he chose the wrong Jane!