I have danced
Through sunsets
And moonbeams
Twirling between
And among
Dust motes and stars
I have danced on clouds
So soft
You’d think I’d fall through –
But I have not
I have danced upon
The rocks
Above the roaring sea
And out across the plains
While earthbound battles
Raged below
I have danced over the fate
Of civilization and humanity
In the courts of great –
And lesser –
I have danced in the temples
Of Apollo and Athena and Artemis
Between starkly white pillars
And under the domes
Of the great, painted chapels
I have danced through earthen huts
And down the streets
Of your grandest cities
I have danced in the forest
With the animals of purest heart
Between raindrops and the wind
In sun and in the coldest ice and snow
I have danced
Since before time began
And I will dance
Long after
The final timekeeper
Has disappeared.