My words fly up

I am a cog.
But my words and ideas form on the lips of greatness.

Spoken leader-to-leader, my words are shared with the sharpest minds
those at the forefront of this messy attempt to wrangle the incalculable losses,
to build a shared sense of responsibility.

The words I write pass onward and up, hand to hand, through to the highest level;
I watch as they go.

From this vantage point, I begin. I answer the questions before they are asked,
words on a page – my words –
I propose the way forward then wait to see what changes are made.

I can see it all before me, the global shifting, the positioning and posturing,
leaders of countries and ideas, pushing solutions, approaches, agendas.

I bring the thoughts and ideas of others together, woven through with my own.
I am the knitter of words.

It all comes to me. The questions, the taskings the seeking of views;
what should we say, what would we do, think and get back to us.
And I do.


My day, my always amazing and often exhausting job, described from the final stage, all the way back to the beginning for NaPoWriMo’s suggestion to tell a story in reverse on day 28. The title is taken from a line in Hamlet.