Focusing on shiny objects (instead of disaster)

In my dreams last night, we
the planet, but also
teetered on the brink
of a black hole
time spun out of control
planes fell into the oblivion beyond
and everything shifted sideways
but the light changed, too,
so that in our terror
we were distracted,
bathed in rainbows.


4 thoughts on “Focusing on shiny objects (instead of disaster)

  1. I had a very strange dream last night too. I had a kitten, (which I don’t). It escaped. Somehow I could track it’s location with my ‘Waze’ navigation app on my phone…. restless sleep. Beautiful crescent moon lately though yeah? I always thought the moon may be able to effect us physically in some ways…I mean..if it can control the tides, and our water content is similar to the planets. Who knows, that could be why we had strange dreams!!

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