Celestial journey

We are scattered to the wind, now, like seeds drifting, untethered yet to the earth, or like stars 

flung to the corners of the galaxy, each a brilliant blaze of light, dancing apart in a shifting sky

turning, twirling, wheeling free and onward to some unknown future-bound meeting point.

As space and time pull us on, we spin faster, raising our hands stretching them out, reaching for each other

leaning toward our reunion  – the scent of it, crackling sweet like a great celestial bonfire

(bright as the birth of stars -though your birth was eons ago now; this on our horizon is a different celebration, another marker in the universe of us)

tonight I can smell it, almost see it, close enough to anticipate, I settle in, the shooting stars around me intensify, 

and I wait.


5 thoughts on “Celestial journey

    • Thanks for dropping by, and for leaving such a kind comment. Work has been so busy, I barely get to write but it’s nice to know there are still people reading when I do!

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