2. Night, imagined

I’m standing under midnight sky
watching stars streak and blink,
silent, white over indigo.

I’m standing on the edge –
day/night, dream/thought –
listening to the city’s life coursing
its ebb and flow pierced by staccato.

This timeless place, floating,
this moment nowhere, infinite,
is mine, unanchored;
I step out into the clouds
and slip free.


7 thoughts on “2. Night, imagined

  1. Oh, you are standing! I’m glad I read the “1. Night” before “2. Night, imagined.” The linking between them is like cause/effect–or call/response, even if #2 is imagined. Does that make sense? Either way, they are beautiful side by side.

    • Thank you 🙂 I didn’t initially write them to go together, but when I had them both written, I realized the progression of thought, or the linking of thought. Sometimes my mind worries over one thought, working it through in various ways until I have it all described.

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