Summer days

the trees look different
suddenly vibrant, painted garish
against brilliant blue
once the somber birds of winter
spoke harsh truths there
now songbirds sing joy
to our fellowship’s sluggish revival.


dazed by office air, stale and cold,
I pass into the sun
the warmth is cloying
but soothes body and mind aches,
sky-depth widening my gaze,
I turn from inward to look beyond.


a bell rings through the silent neighbourhood —
the knife sharpeners of all our childhoods;
cardinals fleck the trees with their colour
calling to each other: Ma-rie! Pe-ter!
A team of boys practices soccer in the park
with a thunk-thwack of the ball, ringing laughter.


I recognize this season,
its spilling in and out of open doors
its jubilant gardens
like children, looking for places to explore.


5 thoughts on “Summer days

  1. “once the somber birds of winter
    spoke harsh truths there”

    “its jubilant gardens
    like children,” ❤ ❤ ❤

    Once again you bring us into your world with very specific but identifiable descriptions. I like the structure which gives the reader a sense of more to look forward to…

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