How summer changes everything

Sometimes I am so lonely I bike home through downtown’s clogged and clanging streets
instead of taking gentle greenland passages along silent flowered waterways
instead of slipping unseen between twisting deserted neighbourhood corners —
but today I rode greenward, into honeyed air perfumed by blossoms
(lilac, cherry, crabapple, and gardens bursting with colour)
the forgotten familiar sweetness of summer drawing me out with its shy sun
drawing all of us into spaces shunned by winter’s isolation.


Something I wrote a few weeks ago, just as the weather began to turn, finally, from cold and dark to flower-filled lightness. I also wanted to revisit the long-lined poem style I had tried out as part of April’s GloPoWriMo.


3 thoughts on “How summer changes everything

  1. I love the opening, and identify with it; then you bring it home with the last line, how the winter causes/reinforces those feelings of loneliness. “Greenward” and “honeyed air”–I can smell it and feel that basking kind of pleasure in the sun.

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