Lifeline Commute

I throw myself out into the morning
travelling gently at first
through century-old scenes
waterways and black globe-crowned lamp posts
city gardens of greens and tulip-tipped hues
pretending I am in country gardens
in another, slower time,
another’s life
coasting down bird-lined paths
the busy efficiency of my day remote, removed
until, spit out by my route into blue-skied city
I join cars and buses and real life
and am whipped along as one among the masses:
office workers in pointy shoes and sports pants and casual self-consciousness
bike messengers and delivery vans
and stop-go-stop street lights
comings and goings punctuated
by car horns, brakes, engines —
the slow pace of nature
only steps away
and yet, forgotten by the day.


One thought on “Lifeline Commute

  1. I love that your poem is appreciative of and attentive to both settings. The comfort of nature, the stimulation of the city. Love the bird-lined paths. As always, I could see your scenes so clearly.

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