Away with the birds

A silent city wilderness hides, moss-covered and leaf-whipped,
beyond glorious warm sun-glare, under deep blue, between rapids and lake;
here, otherworld creatures take hold.
Migrating bird-throngs fluttering, gathering, disperse and reform
blackbirds’ tumbling, belting cries ease city rumble
cardinal flashes ignite branches and thickets
and distant white river-flocks mimic last season’s snowdrifts.

In deeper, forest-dampered stillness
juncos, sapsuckers and nuthatches abound
chickadees gather and woodpeckers echo
and a small squinting owl
tree-peeks, half-sleeping in nest-hole.

Oh, to spend an hour and another hour still
a wild woodland morning strengthens spiritless will.


A longer-lined poem for NaPoWriMo day 27, inspired by a morning spent birding. 

6 thoughts on “Away with the birds

  1. I think you’ve captured the Whitman spirit with your long lines–the exuberant cataloging of the birds and their actions. And I love the sense of motion and life you convey and how that strikingly contrasts with “silent city” and “forest-dampered stillness.” The owl! I see it!

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