The Tree

In wanting to re-mould this gentle tree 
(its branches danced and swayed once, elegant
though shaded all the garden’s blooming plants)
he aimed to trim and shape its crown of leaves.
Departing from sweet natural beauty
an architect’s design he sought to grant
imbued with his own flair, vision – his stamp
and an elegance almost Japanese.
But she favoured a fairy forest wild
from ancient memories of land untamed
inspired not by plans, nor tagged and named,
left free to grow like wonder in a child.
‘Tween wild and pruned a compromise was made:
sheared branches leave the sun on plants to smile.

A sonnet about garden wars for NaPoWriMo day 23 and the anniversary of Shakespeare’s death.

2 thoughts on “The Tree

  1. OK, I love this. The garden, of course, and “fairy forest wild/from ancient memories of land untamed,” but also the freedom you use within your rhyme scheme is like a little wink to the wild-loving gardener, chafing at the elegant strictures. A perfectly clever compromise, with heart.

    • Oooh!!! Thank you 🙂 You have me smiling. It’s like you have a 6th or 7th even sense about the underlying thoughts I have in any given piece. I was trying to find rhymes that pushed the boundaries. I really appreciate your careful reading and in-synch-ness 😊

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