Reawakening: a call to arms

1. Spring
Frozen-road melter
who has vanquished
the weather of wolves
with east fairy-breath blowing,
you welcome sky-candle
over land-line once more
earth-jewels return now
southern soaring-divers
fill the great blue
and we of the inner-green
arise to till life-soil
to follow our uncut thread;
’tis not time to travel the Hel road
just yet.


2. Middle Age Wizardry
With silver-spreading
and vision-dimming
I see time bending away
but light-tunnel is far yet
and I am rune-caller
of my own life-river.
Under sky’s black cloak
my eyes meet night’s silver ship
I utter lip-streams
from head-force unbending;
I will not be flame-farewelled
for sun-circles hence.


Two kenning poems for NaPoWriMo day 20.


5 thoughts on “Reawakening: a call to arms

  1. Really delightful, I love the rhythm made by all those kennings, and teasing out the meaning of each one. These lines are among my favorite: “and I am rune-caller/of my own life-river.” Ooh, and “weather of wolves” and “sun-circles.” And “silver-spreading,” I know it well. 🙂

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