The Cave Within

Travelling to the edge of my mind, I threw a stone
and watched as the ripples touched
where the walls rise up, steep

I leave my obstacles to steep
in refusals and fear, till they are hard as stone
I watch to see if they will crumble when touched

I know if I open my heart, my soul will be touched
though this learning curve to inner calm is steep –
day by day I make ripples, try to erode the stone.

Inside myself is an obstacle, a steep stone that can almost be touched.

A tritina for NaPoWriMo day 7.


One thought on “The Cave Within

  1. That opening image ❤
    Such a great set of words–abstract, concrete, multi-meaning–for a lovely tritina.
    The only time I can write a tritina is when someone else chooses my words! I get stuck right there at the word-choosing part.

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