Family in Tapestry

How can we reconcile our years
these finite lifetimes
woven tightly into knotted tapestry
scenes of strife and sunshine
brighter than star-heart
or near death-dark,
colours combined, complex,
joyous and inharmonious and pulled
all ways – directionless blurs
splashed with memories.

We are bound, inextricable
no matter where these loose strands finish.

Written for day 2 of NaPoWriMo.

8 thoughts on “Family in Tapestry

  1. Well, of course I love
    “brighter than star-heart
    or near death-dark”
    but the important thing you’ve captured here is the beauty in imperfection, how we keep going even with snags and clashes. Yes! to “scenes of strife and sunshine.”
    Really lovely and hopeful.

    • You never disappoint – you always reference the lines that I think you will 🙂 Thank you for reading the positive into what is always going to be an up and down experience!

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