A book in the sand

Minutes, hours, years
contract and expand around Time –
elastic –
binding book to hand;
pages flutter in red desert stillness
sand grains whip and slip,
burrow deep,
bonding hidden spaces
between the letters
Je suis – I am…
He speaks his phrases
into the sun-baked silence
the words whipped away
on the scorched wind
words no one hears
but him

4 thoughts on “A book in the sand

  1. I just love how this spins off your prose piece. Now we see a little deeper–the loneliness, the determination. When taken by itself, it could be a fantasy setting or realistic, past or present–but whatever it is, I want to be there. Just beautiful.

    • Thank you! I’m not sure if it makes sense without the fuller story in mind but I also wanted to take what was in the prose in a deeper direction – so I’m glad that worked! Thanks for your thoughtful comment.

      • I think it definitely stands alone as a poem. I enjoy having the prose view, too. Different facets.

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