Travel that Road

The road lets slip its secrets
in whispers
lends its solitude
to ours
wraps us in knots

Alone together, we live this
build and crumble bridges,
argue, laugh –
things only we can understand –
and come away
no matter how fraught
closer, changed;
this road,
impossible to forget.


The title comes from a Walt Whitman line, “Not I, not any one else can travel that road for you.” How true.

2 thoughts on “Travel that Road

  1. I feel this one. “Alone together, we live this”–yes
    These lines are especially beautiful:
    “wraps us in knots
    “build and crumble bridges,”

    • Oh, thank you. I’m still processing that road trip but now more as a metaphor for bigger more universal experiences – the lives we share with others, for example.

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