Into Waves

The churning briny white of the ocean swirls
crashing, retreating, crashing
its chilling cold refreshes
washing away the day’s burnt heat, the dust.
A small boy ventures out –
just up to his waist –
he stands, letting waves knock him sideways
again and again they douse him,
a scruffy dog trots out seeking friendship,
more children join in,
dogs race back and forth, frolicking,
following balls and frisbees and birds into the dunes,
then the surfers come;
the afternoon’s quiet teems with life
with a soaring sense of goodness
stretching into the silver-sun drenched evening.

Steel-grey clouds glide across steel-grey water
ceiling and floor
sounds move, watery, between them;
a dog barks, a bike whines along the road,
the crashing waves echo,
each one of them
topped frothing-white
all the way out to infinity.
The cold storms down from the mountains
creeps through house cracks,
hinting at autumn,
all is still for a moment before the next gust
shaking trees and gates,
the stillness falling back in just as suddenly.

Even in storms the waves are jewel-toned
they froth and boil
reaching ever closer, ever higher,
the tide pulling and pushing,
tossing seaweed – it dances
a great manic dance,
receding only to gather strength
to return, flooding pools at higher ground
liberating the rainbowed mussels
left behind between mosses,
closer it splashes, finally forcing me back
parallel with other beach-goers
until finally they leave
and it is just me,
alone with the seething turquoise sea.

3 thoughts on “Into Waves

  1. You’ve captured both the beauty and the ferocity of nature. Each line has that tension between the two, and there is so much movement and sound, immediacy.

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