Desert song


Wildebeest at the Water, Auob River, Kalahari – Copyright Silverleaf 2016

I have been to heaven and back:
I have walked red tracks that run silent
through lush green pastures draped in yellow-flowered trees;
I have been through canyons flanked by purpled mountains
worn by time and winds that no human has breathed;
I have stood on golden soil and drank air fresh, sweet;
I have watched lines of zebra cross the red velt at a gallop
and antelope herds gather to drink from swollen rivers;
I have seen thundrous clouds sweep the sky clean
and fog drift in across arid desert
nourishing rocks into growth;
I have watched red sand seas shift eternally —
here mountains are born, beginning low
reaching peaked into the deep blue;
I have seen the sun and moon face each other
across golden savannas, across lilac starfields
(oblivious to my awe);
I have seen a universe and an eternity in one place.

In the end I have come back out of these lands
but still I walk them in dreams,
this heaven I can never leave behind.


4 thoughts on “Desert song

  1. Your love of nature and its beauties just shines through these long lines–exuberant and reverent at the same time.

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