What expectations in a name,
what dreams and hopes hang
upon each weighted letter
each memory held tight,
bound by meaning – fleeting,
a link from now to history
clinging to newborn destiny!

My name, my essence, is set
in letters stretching a winding path
through family photographs,
meeting among the branches
of family trees –
Irish, French.
I wonder at the intended design
at the eternal connection to one
I have only met in tales my mother tells:
sepia queen draped in salvaged furs and lace,
dusted with nostalgic crystaline hues.

What is a name but a shrine
to memory,
a dream-image?


4 thoughts on “Named

  1. I love this so much! The sounds and rhythm of the first stanza are wonderful. The picture in the second stanza, of the “sepia queen” and the letters on the winding path. The plaintive feeling of the third stanza. Really fantastic work.

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