Framed Selves

Slow takes planning and intent.

A satisfactory reflection, wildly framed,
is careful, allows for resonance,
encapsulates more than power.
Its meaning is a portrait viewed
through exploration.

The photo,
in essence extraordinary,
turns its sharp contrast,
and–wondrously–the inner life
is a distant state of mind;
surreal selves within us
mirror our singularity.

In art, the surviving self-portrait
is restorative, beautiful;
to explore, inhabit multiple layers,
can offer empowerment.

A found poem, drawn from a Geist article about self-portraiture.

2 thoughts on “Framed Selves

  1. This is intriguing–“surreal selves within us/mirror our singularity” but my favorite is the last stanza, restorative and beautiful. 🙂

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