Second hand story

Through time-mists, history
muddled, enshrouded,
an eternal mystery,
keeps the brilliant guessing;
missed pieces further confound,
inspiring mythologies believed —
sun-star pantheons stretching midday to midnight
and back again —
while we, fantastical peoples of the future,
search for answers
attempting to discern across distance unfathomable.

This is no science fiction,
neither non-fiction,
simply fiction.

I read this fascinating article on new theories about Stonehenge last night and it got me thinking about our understanding – or attempts anyway – of history.


4 thoughts on “Second hand story

  1. I like that we are the “fantastical peoples of the future”–reinforces how we are mysteries to each other. It is fun to wonder just how far wrong our educated guesses about the distant past really are, while at the same time hungering for a firmer picture of how people once lived.

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