I wrote all day

I wrote all day,
lofty thoughts and speeches,
messages and ways to change the world.
I wrote all day
and now I have very little left to say,
except I wish I could show you
all that I wrote today.


It may seem that I am, at day 17, starting to run out of things to post. In fact, my mind is swarming with ideas, I just don’t have the time to think them through and write them down. But I am holding on tight to my own personal challenge to post every day this month. And, as the poem says, after a day of writing, it can be difficult to come home and write some more, especially after dinner and book time and discussions about the day’s events and making lunches – all the things that are bigger than me, bigger than my writing challenge.

Still, here I am, sharing my thoughts with you. Because that is still important, too.

And I do wish I could show you some of what I wrote today. I’m proud of my work, I love what I do, even more-so now that everything is touched with our special, Canadian #sunnyways.


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