Sunset, two ways

Sunset 1

Soft cirrus clouds redden,
radiate, the glow spreads
out from the sun-centre;
I recall flights taken –
once, I was of the sky.

Blocking out the city,
I vision other Suns
setting on distant worlds
turning unseen clouds red
painting unknown vistas
in palettes fantastic.

Timeless, I drift back down
to my humble rooftop
I watch the last of the
shapes shifting (cloud castles)
as the colour deepens
to night.


Sunset 2

Sun sets
sets on another day
another breath
of voices, blurred,
of life
sun sets
absent red or orange
unceremonious this time
a slipping away
so discreet
only the birds and bats
and street lamps
sun sets
on another day
but there
three brilliant lights
rise through the fading
three planets align
making this
a night
like no other.


3 thoughts on “Sunset, two ways

  1. So serene and meditative, and a call to really notice the subtle changes in nature…and in our own moods.

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