The Westbound Train

We rode that train west
away from where we once were
away from the streets we used to roam
where the old houses, their gardens spilling forth,
hid tabby cats, well-fed, creeping softly;
away from those neighbourhoods,
friendly, inviting,
full of families,
away from where we used to plan and dream
we would one day house our own family,
the one we never had.

We rode that train west
away from the life we always thought we’d live
away from each other.
And don’t you recall that west
takes you to the other land
to neverland
where mists rise from myths
and the water rolls back from the shore
into nothing;
we rolled back from there, too,
into nothing.

We rode that train west
never to return
not us,
not ever anymore.


I’m having fun riding on the coattails, when I can, of Jennifer Knoblock’s Family Poetry Project. I wrote this one last night for Sunday’s The Westbound Train prompt. I’m not sure where the sad, dark theme came from, but this is what the phrase stirred up.



10 thoughts on “The Westbound Train

  1. I love where this train took you! The neighborhood with its tabby cats and the appeal of the mystical unknown lands to the west… a deep dichotomy 🙂

  2. I like the rhythm you created with your words. I felt like I was on the train, albeit a very sad one – memories of what could have been. I enjoy your writing.

    • Thank you! To be fully honest, the cat was real. I saw a cat walking in a neighbourhood like the one I describe. But the sad parts were fiction 🙂

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