Lunchtime by the Ottawa River

I came to find peace but I found more
amid the cacophony and the low city thrum
where the runners circle, feet slapping pavement,
where office workers’ stories accompany lunchtime walks
and gulls cover rocks turning them glare-white in the blaze.
Geese dive with goslings and
boats churn in blue-grey waters,
while the crackling sound of maple keys
spin-rain down into dried leaves
and waterfalls rush through old hidden drains,
remains of the city’s earlier history.
Over there is the hilltop gallery where my little boy blue once sat,
brow furrowed, in more difficult times,
and here, Parliamentary shadows are graced with lilacs.
Out in these crowds and this sun and the smooth breezes
I found my sense of self again
My equilibrium, once-lost.
And peace, I did find that, too.


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