Forgotten Queen

nowadays in the city
she is relegated
to forgotten, to crazy
yet she observes us all
nods her head
in serene understanding
she knows our intimacies
(we don’t think to hide them from her)
knows our secrets
ever-resourceful, she isn’t lost
in this sea of concrete
but is found among the marigolds
and dandelions we overlook
queen among the weeds


5 thoughts on “Forgotten Queen

  1. It is so interesting, having once experiencing so much of my creativity through writing, that I “saw” this image in my mind…and wrote. Now, it is opposite. I take the picture, and hope this what people “hear”.
    Your writing touches my soul and awakens something akin to magic.

    • It’s so lovely to hear from you again and your comment is so flattering. Thank you. I do hear stories when I see your photographs! I’ve missed that.

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