Crone Song

I would make a bed
upon this pine-strewn forest floor
breathe in the musk of damp earth
and soft, decomposing leaves;
the green canopy above,
my adorned roof,
its birdsong filling my days,
while crickets and frogs sing me
through the nights.

Let snowing petals perfume the dew,
my skin,
and seedlings entwine about my limbs
let the rain wash away my cares
let it revive me.

I would lie here in wait for a world


9 thoughts on “Crone Song

  1. I love the “musk of damp earth” and the seedlings entwining limbs. I would be willing to wait quite a while for that cleansed world. 🙂

    • Indeed! Thank you. I’d been thinking about what would happen to a crone in a modern city, looking for a bit of nature and considering the state of things – in fact, I wrote Forgotten Queen first (well, I have a story about the same thing which I’ve been struggling with for a few weeks and that probably inspired both poems).

  2. Your imagery inspired a scene of a Rip Van Winkle-ish woman falling asleep in the forest and becoming one with it. But then I go back to the first line and remember that this is what *would* happen. I’ll need to read both poems a few more times to see how they connect, but at second read it seems this one is the effect of the other.

    • I like your Rip Van Winkle vision, Nate! I wrote Forgotten Queen first, thinking about the little bits of beautiful nature around our city and wondering if that would be enough for a crone lost in the concrete jungle. How would a crone in a modern city fare? A few days later, I was biking to work through the lovely green space and imagined a woman, a crone, finding that little bit of nature. I thought she would want to lie down and become one with it. That was when I realized I had two poems with two different perspectives on the same idea. It’s all really coming from a story about a modern day crone – I just can’t get that right, though.

  3. SL, as always, your writing enchants me! This piece evoked Titania lying in a copse awaiting her Oberon for me. Lyrical.

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