finding a place to breathe

it leaves me breathless
wind hot and stifling
caught in my throat
the overwhelming sense of
too much
too much strife and stress and
lessons to teach
too much responsibility
the need to
impart, instill, instruct
and be kind and gentle, too,
while assailed by thoughts and changes
world-spinning-too-fast changes
world-weary work
changes that happen every time I look away
every time I look back
or blink

I can’t keep up

you ask me sometimes
why I’m angry, tired, annoyed
(I hate that but
it’s worse when you don’t ask
because then I can’t stop and smile
and tell you–me–that it’s all alright)
showing me a mirror
helping me look into a soul
I’d forgotten to inspect
mine, yours

can I just have a moment
to find a small patch of grass
green under blue sky
maybe flower scented
a moment to curl up there
and rest
lullabyed by the birds
I can see, hear, feel it now
come, lie there with me


3 thoughts on “finding a place to breathe

  1. The overwhelming sense of too much–you capture it perfectly with the repetition, the lines that grow longer, that hot and stifling wind. I love the calming counterpoint of the last stanza, green and blue and flower scented.

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