A Day in the Life

I’m Awake!
Strange skies this morning
this last day in paradise
where friends gather round
on the fly philosophy
with drinks.

This is delicious,
enjoying the sun,
the flowers – magnolias blooming –
tiny eggs nestled in nests…

How do I make this place my place?
I never thought this would happen
anything can
St. George slays the dragon
we allay our fears
to follow dreams.

It, you, he will be missed;
some are married
others born
to this life.

But now I’m homeward bound,
with a sunset over the bay.


I never quite got myself together to participate in NoPoWriMo but I followed it through others’ sites and was inspired when I read this interpretation of the social media poem prompt. Like Jennifer Knoblock from Gracefull Press Poetry, I based mine on Facebook updates (partly because that’s the only social media I’m linked to).

6 thoughts on “A Day in the Life

    • It’s neat the way you can build a poem from a collection of others’ words and still have it turn out sounding like it could be your own.

  1. Thank you for sharing all the beautiful poetry you write. Working at my writing here in Australia, on a wet, cold autumn day, I find inspiration in your words, which make me think of spring.

    • Oh, what a lovely comment. Thank you for letting me know how my creation reached you. If it helps you feel less alone in your weather, today was pretty rainy and chilly here, too – but all the better to make the flowers grow! And now I will go and check out what your fall day inspired for you.

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