Here I am
this is it
my today, my moment
I look down at my feet
(shoes on ground)
remind myself that
I am here
right here

I struggle
to stop dwelling in the past
where yearning hearts become lost
in limbo, aching
for memories sweeter than truth.
I try not to look to the future
it cannot be managed
it’s not mine
not anyone’s.
I am now.

Now is that future of my dreams
and that past of longing
in this now
I have all of it
a gift
all at once.
Though now may not always
feel easy
it is where I am
It is what I have —
vanilla sugar on sour berries,
the earth, or the stars,
on which I stand
(I look down again,
shoes on ground).

The best I can do
is give in
stretch out my arms
close my eyes
breathe deeply and
let myself go
let myself fall into now
fall into me.

7 thoughts on “Now

  1. Now doesn’t always feel easy…I agree, sometimes it so much easier to focus on the next thing when now is uncomfortable. I love this piece.

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