Darkness spreads her inky cloak
encircling the sphere
the green-blue and dust-brown
a diamond still shimmers through
.        here
            and there
most have been snuffed out
or have fallen to Earth
they shine here now
in windows across towns
along sinew-twisting roads
snaking haphazardly between
great gatherings
(new galaxies).

Speckled across the map
they glow
reflecting their light back
into the stratosphere

Would the Ancients
read these signs
would they recognize
either the heavens or the Earth
these new constellations
we’ve created?

There may be prophesies here;
come, let us try to augur
in the darkness
let us reach out, divine.




4 thoughts on “Inverted

  1. Such a wistful and wondering question, listening to a narrator while the camera pans further out and closer in, from the infinite and back to the minutiae. Really wonderful 🙂

    • Aw, thank you Shannon. I started writing this one evening as I stood at the bedroom window noticing how bright the few stars were, but how many more city lights there are. Lovely to hear from you!

  2. I love the thoughtfulness behind this, which is also gorgeous in sound and imagery; “augur/in the darkness” gives me happy chills.

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