In Shaw’s Footsteps

courtesy of

I set myself free –
of expectations
of rules –
I set myself free
and my mind
followed effortlessly
it followed my steps
down a path
toward the rocky sea
down a path that others
had trod previously
(I once saw an old photograph,
of George Bernard Shaw
writing on a nearby outcrop).
Looking up
into the milky-blue
I drifted
through a fair glade
past moss-wrapped trees
that danced between
sunlight’s dapples
until I reached
the edge
of the pink-washed sea
where the tide
swirled among fishes and winkles.
That day
I had no other place
to be
and though my life
has long since
carried me far
my spirit still lingers there
between the brambles
and knotted branches
with flowers at my feet
and the rush of water
in my ears
while I
looking for answers
find fairies

2 thoughts on “In Shaw’s Footsteps

  1. This is so beautiful…I want to go there!
    “looking for answers
    find fairies
    instead.” ❤
    And I have recently seen quite a few of those "moss-wrapped trees." 🙂

    • Thank you! I’m glad you liked that part. And with the trees and probably all of it, I think you know what I mean – you can probably visualize it based on anywhere else in Ireland. It’s in Sneem, Co. Kerry, though, in case you get back there 🙂

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