I went down
to touch the waving grasses
that dance
in the breezes
by the river.
I went to lie there
to disappear
from the cares of the world
to fade into something greater
than myself.

The early morning sun
spread its warmth
across each drop of dew
glinting from one
to the next –
notes played in a range
only the eyes can hear.
The crickets sang
and the birds joined their chorus
with the wind.

Time passed
before my eyes
the sun rose high and hot
and clung to the sky
before drifting down again
falling behind the shaded hills
closing the day.
The moon and stars
sailed, then,
silently up and across
the broad expanse of the night
sparkling, unhindered
by our tiny lives.

A day and a night had passed
I let my mind roam
and be cleansed.
I didn’t think
and in not thinking
I saw.
I saw transformation
I saw timelessness
I saw life unfold as it should
as it would
with or without us.
I crossed a barrier
I moved beyond myself
beyond my life
beyond this perspective
of humanity.
I moved beyond fear of death
(or is it life we fear more?)
and finally
I understood.

But I cannot tell you
what is on that other side
I cannot tell you
what I saw
or what I now understand.
I will not give away these secrets.
These secrets
can only be learned
they cannot be offered
as bounty
or stolen.




11 thoughts on “Transversal

  1. Such a beautiful range of visual and philosophical. I loved this especially: “notes played in a range/
    only the eyes can hear.”

  2. I loved this…I’ve felt like this before and it made me remember that time and place. I smiled at “only the eyes can hear”…other great lines in there too but this one I wanted to tuck away and remember later.

    • Ooh, thank you Kelly. I’m glad you picked up on that. I had a mental image of the sun hitting one dew drop at a time, like notes only in a completely different realm.

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