Among the ruins

Quin Abbey, Ireland, courtesy of

locked in stones
more silent
than whispers
the guarded walls

Long swallowed
by the earth
the darkness
no more

Ancient relics
now benign
spare details
with forgotten

Only the somber
of dusk’s shadows
tell stories

 These 42 words inspired by the Yeah Write question of the week, What aren’t you telling me?
And, of course, by the many ruins and relics of Ireland.


10 thoughts on “Among the ruins

  1. So haunting. I love how “secrets…dust/the guarded walls.” This seems so much bigger than 42. And, you know, Ireland. 🙂

    • Thank you!! That was my favourite line, too, so I’m thrilled you picked it out. I’m quite proud of the piece. I had written 2 others but then this just came to me. Sadly, it’s not on the grid because it didn’t fully answer the question, but I’m proud of it anyway!

  2. Wow. Read it twice to really let it stink in. I love this. Love how secrets remain, even if untold, among relics, artifacts, ruins.

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