This screen,
small, cold and blue,
lets me glimpse another
side of the Earth, so far away
from here.

Those scenes
fill my senses.
I hear exotic birds –
their songs float on the air, calling
to me.

I almost smell
that singular perfume,
the unique scent of the mountains:

My heart
beats with longing
as I dream I belong
to that sea, earth, air, that spirit;
my bliss.

I watch
the sun set there –
it slips into the sea –
while here, the same sun shines brightly

Two worlds
through one window,
bridging so much distance.
And though I will myself there, I’m here;






10 thoughts on “Neverland

  1. Each stanza is a self-contained gem, and when taken together…<3
    …and all the while I'm thinking, "You have to go back!!"

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