Winter Riches

I wrote this last week during a brief respite from the sub-Artic temperatures, on a day that it was actually warm enough to snow. I miss those balmy temperatures…
What is it about the neverending snow
that beguiles
draws me to the window
out the door
draws me
into its fold?
I can feel myself
breathing it in
it is my water
and I
its mermaid.
In the half light
its riches sparkle
a bed of diamonds
stretching across everything
and my hungry eyes gather up
every last one of them
holding them close
for that moment that I will need to cash in my happiness at the bank.


7 thoughts on “Winter Riches

  1. I really enjoy the tug between the snow and the siren/ocean images–one as dream, one as reality. And as always, your language is gentle, beguiling.

      • It hasn’t been terribly cold, just gray gray gray. Sun today, though–maybe we’ve turned that corner. πŸ™‚

  2. Beutiful,you capture snow in my perspective. We often get feet of snow but have had maybe a foot in two entire years, cumulative. And the 33 degree windy fog is just teasing me outside the window.

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