The Grey Dawning

Grey Dawn by Stuart Apsey at

The Dawn’s radiance was cloaked in grey as, solemnly, She snuffed out the night’s lights.

One by one, the stars flickered, while my hopes faded behind a curtain of shifting shadows.

I tried, but could find no beginning in that pallid ending.


21 thoughts on “The Grey Dawning

  1. I’m listening to Joni Mitchell while reading this and somehow it seems to match perfectly.

    Crazy enough it was “A Case of You” (Oh Canada, Oh Canada)

    • Aw, thanks Jenn 🙂 They say every ending is a beginning but sometimes it’s hard to find it (like, in the middle of a record-breaking number of below -15 days…and other sad things).

      • I had the opposite experience with the tiny poem I did last week – it came out much more positive than I intended when I started writing it!

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