Dreaming Fire

image source: artwallpaperhi.com

In my dreams, everything is burning. Flames consume tinderbox homes, streets, towns. Fires sweep across grasslands. Volcanoes erupt.

I awake to illusory whispers of smoke.

Is this premonition or memory, or is my heart burning for something I don’t know I’m missing?




22 thoughts on “Dreaming Fire

  1. I too have had this dream but the location is known to me. It is where I work. I hope it is not an omen. The attack in France frightens me, maybe my dream is coming to reality. Should I be scared?

    • Hi there, I haven’t heard from you in a while! As a kid, I constantly had fire dreams – the sky, or the houses on my street were the most common. Apparently fire dreams mean emotional upheaval or passion (if you believe those kinds of things – is there upheaval or fiery passion at work?) but I would still be scared because of the attack, unrelated to dreams.

  2. I spent my childhood dreaming about tornadoes, so I could empathize a bit. This was a very vivid image, but maybe there’s a phoenix about to rise from the flames? That’s the picture I got in my head.

  3. ooh, i can totally relate to this one! i’ve dreamt that i was in a fire before, flames all around…then i woke up, and realized i had a fever.

    love the phrase, ‘illusory whispers…’ well written!

    • Thank you, I kind of liked that phrase as well 🙂 How awful to wake up with a fever from one of those dreams. It would be like no escape! These were the dreams of my childhood but thankfully none of them were related to a fever.

  4. I love how this ends, Silver. I think we’ve all woken from a terrifying dream, seen the phantoms of smoke, and wondered what it meant. Your writing highlighted the tinderbox houses in tinderbox towns. ButI wondered how streets could be tinderbox.

    • Thanks for your comment, Nate. I still remember this one dream I had as a kid. In it, I was looking out the attic window and I could see the fire slowly working its way down our street toward my house. I was paralyzed with fear. That was the image I had; a tinderbox street, with one house igniting the next all the way to me. Still gives me shivers. Or hot flashes or something.

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