The Ancient Ones

Majesty by Beth Moon


We stand at the edge of time, reaching from mist to sky.
We neither bow nor judge; we observe, exist.

Moons rise, suns set, the universe unfurls in its timelessness.

We are all time and no time.
Time is yours, not ours.




23 thoughts on “The Ancient Ones

    • Thank you and, yes, that does make sense 🙂
      I’ve tried various things but I can always see the image so I’m not sure if it is just you or if it’s me…can you see the image in the thumbnail on the InLinkz page?

    • I really wasn’t sure if it was good enough to post, so I’m touched you found it competition worthy. Anyway, you are a worthy opponent and I prefer to think of the competition as only incidental. It’s the feedback and conversations that keep me coming back 🙂

    • Well thank you. You’ve made me blush – again. I was thinking of slow, deep breathing but I really like the heartbeat idea. Like the heart at the centre of everything.

  1. I’ve never thought of trees as the owners of time, but your story convinced me. Your first sentence made me think of trees and humans standing side by side in the same yoga position and I liked how the last line separates humanity from nature.

    • Thanks, Nate. I love the yoga picture you left in my mind!
      This whole thing came to me late at night and in the morning a friend had posted an article on FB about a photographer of ancient trees. I really wanted to say something about how time is a human construct, an attempt to define infinity. Maybe that comes from all the Doctor Who!

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