That Night You Wore Velvet

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Do you remember that night, when the church’s bell
fell silent in the square, when the street light
went out — the night, I think, that you wore velvet?

We danced right there and our feet transformed the snow into crushed velvet.
Sometimes magic happens, you whispered, like a bell,
whether it tinkles or clangs, it reminds us to keep our hearts light.

I have followed you since then, my guiding light
through the days when the darkness closes in thick as velvet,
days when my heart feels as dead as the silent, leaden church bell.

We mark our months and years the way a bell rings down the hours, moving instinctively between light and dark and back again, but my heart still skips a beat whenever you wear velvet.




It’s a tritina slam! Thanks to Rowan for my three words: bell, light and velvet. Click on the badge to read more tritinas, poetry and short fiction.


18 thoughts on “That Night You Wore Velvet

  1. “moving instinctively between light and dark and back again”
    “Sometimes magic happens, you whispered, like a bell,”
    ❤ ❤ ❤

      • Awww, you are *way* too sweet. I’m just learning them too. Rowan is very good about assigning words to individual writers. She hand-picked mine and yours, I know, because she thought we’d do a good job with them. 🙂

  2. “Sometimes magic happens” — oh yes indeed! You’ve woven these words together into such a rich tapestry, such an intricate story. I love seeing your entries each week. You charm words.

    • Oh, Asha, thank you. That is just such a wonderful compliment, especially as your writing is so beautiful and breathtaking. You already know I look for your entries each week 🙂

  3. This is magical, Silverleaf. I picture a couple dancing in snow, like a scene out of “The Bishop’s Wife.” (The Cary Grant version, of course.) Your writing is so light and airy that I didn’t even notice the tritina-ness, which could have been jarring in another’s pen. I hope it was inspired by true love (just because you deserve that). xoxo

    • You are the sweetest ever, Meg! Thank you for your very kind words. Truth be told, it’s a strange mishmash of memories and people who have waltzed through my life but the overall feeling that inspired it is current and true. xoxo

  4. Loved your similes to velvet: snow, darkness, your jacket. And I loved how the bell toned all the way through this. I can’t decide if I really like the “I think” in the first stanza because it makes the rest of the poem delicate and an effect of wishful thinking or if I dislike it because it makes me not trust her memory and the linked romance attached.

    • Or maybe it doesn’t matter if she remembers correctly, maybe all that matters is the lushness of her memory of that night and the memories velvet conjures up as a result. Thanks for this amazing comment, Nate, I’ve been mulling it over for days now!

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