Memories of Memories

Summer pond, Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Summer Pond, Copyright Silverleaf 2014

Do you remember that time, in the winter, when the snow swirled and the sun was a white ball of fire in the sky?
I’m back, back among the trees, and the place is transformed.
Waters, laden with duckweed, swirl back and forth under the low-lying bridge.
Bullfrogs claim their space with their throaty calls.
Birds twitter and sing from every angle.
The duck and geese are with their babies along the shore.
White bits of fluff float everywhere.
And the green!
Shadowed and glowing in every shade imaginable.
This place is alive,
alive with the rain waters,
alive with the breezes,
alive with a spirited nature.
Sitting here, all else recedes and nothing matters.


4 thoughts on “Memories of Memories

  1. I love this response to the prompt – not just the photo, but the accompanying story. Very lovely how the photo reflects the words and the words reflect the photo in the same way the water reflects the sky.

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