Into the Earth, Into the Sky

Into the earth
she reaches her hands,
down through the grass
and into the dirt
caressing the roots
and the sleeping bulbs
before she lays down
for a season
to sleep.

As the light
gently filters back
through the clouds,
through her lashes
she lifts up her hands
and, reaching into the
darkness above,
she moves between stars
like a song in the sky.



6 thoughts on “Into the Earth, Into the Sky

  1. I’m not sure who or what you’re anthropomorphizing, but I love your last couplet:
    “she moves between stars
    like a song in the sky.”


    Found you on Yeah Writes and looking forward to more.

    Best to you,


    • Thank you and very kind of you to say, Sally. I was thinking originally about the Celtic harvest goddesses and then Demeter, so it was inspired by them, and the changing of the seasons.

  2. Lovely. I got a strong vibe of Demeter from this: massaging each bulb in the spring and returning back to heavens to sleep through the winter and lament her missing daughter. I love that parting image of your narrator swiping the sky like she’s putting her hand in the sea. Lovely, Silver.

    • Thank you, Nate. This was very much a Demeter-inspired piece, or any other harvest goddess, really. I had started out thinking about my Celtic Studies classes from oh so long ago and the idea came from that.

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