Thoughts scattered like snowflakes

Outside, the snow blankets everything. Christmas lights blink on and off through the storm, silent witnesses to the still night, to that one night a year when everything transforms from salt-stained grey to picturesque.

Modern magic.

I went for a run at lunch today and delighted in the slanting snow, the hazy winter sun shining through it, the smiles on the other runners’ faces which said, in my mind anyway, “This is how we play.” I love winter running, just as – or because – I love the snow. The more snow, the more jubilant I feel, it’s the way I imagine kids feel as they turned out into a wonderland, into freedom, after weeks of being cooped up inside.

I have tried all week to write my usual challenge entries but all that was in my heart was the wonder and happiness of the first days of snow (and my son’s book report, which is probably more of a distraction than the snow). So, I am giving in and writing about winter instead of all the other things I started out trying to want to say. Maybe I will return to concentrated writing next week.

It takes a lot of snow days for me to tire of it, to grow jaded and start complaining. I suppose I will lose this feeling of exhilaration at some point. But that’s months down the road. The canal isn’t even open for skating yet and I haven’t had my first ski. There’s so much winter waiting, so much to do, so much to take in!


4 thoughts on “Thoughts scattered like snowflakes

  1. Write about your passions. You did that here!
    Me? I’m not a snow guy but I appreciate that there are people like you out there who thrive in the winter.
    And write about the winter.
    Me? I’ll stick to reading about snow – so keep writing about it. Please

    • Thanks, Thom! I really wasn’t sure if there were any merits to the piece but sometimes you’ve just got to let out what’s inside so you can move on to other thoughts. So kind of you. If you’ll write about the desert from time to time, I’ll write about the snow 🙂

  2. You make me wish even more that we would get a “sticking” snow here. It has been a couple of years! Beautiful piece.

    • Thank you so much, Jenn. I really just sort of blurted from the heart then posted without thinking much about it – other than shaking my head and feeling like it wasn’t particularly well-crafted. So, as I said, thank you 🙂

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