Descend with me into Fairytales

Come with me 
down ancient stairs, 
down ancient streets.
look into flower-sprung moats,
down boat-filled rivers.
There are places in this world –
hidden places –
come find them with me, 
and let us descend
into a fairytale storybook.


Chateau Stairs, Copyright Silverleaf 2014


Angers Street, Copyright Silverleaf 2014


Angers Castle Moat, Copyright Silverleaf 2014


Town Roofs and Boat from Above, Copyright Silverleaf 2014


2 thoughts on “Descend with me into Fairytales

  1. This is beautiful! I love the repetition of “down,” and I wish I had written “flower-sprung moats”!! When I read that line, before I saw your photos, I thought of the red poppies filling the moat at the Tower of London…saw it when they had just started in July, but it should be nearly done now. Your photos are lovely.

    • Thank you – it’s always high praise when a writer says they wish they’d written a line 🙂 I was kinda partial to that one, too. I haven’t seen the pictures of the Tower of London…off to Google.

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