We sat facing each other, suspended in our individual silences, hearts hammering, eyes locked.

In that moment, the tension disintegrated, bringing with it the elephant in the room. In that moment, we both knew. I closed my eyes and leaned into him.




21 thoughts on “Spark

  1. Interesting. It could be taken in so many different directions. Love, dependence etc. Images floating in the air like balloons some bumping into each other and all trying to rise higher into the sky and then disappear into the clouds.

  2. An enjoyable story. I loved the phrase, ” ..suspended in our individual silences” How often has the elephant in the room caused this to happen?

  3. I like that this could be about many different things…the beginning of a relationship or the end of one. I’ve decided to choose the positive spin šŸ™‚ Nice!

    • Thank you! I, too, was thinking of the positive (it was actually based on the beginning of my relationship with my husband) but I’m glad so many people can see that it could go both ways.

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